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Sam Su, General Manager of Hong Kong & Macau

"Our mission is to satisfy our customers and consumers with high quality service, brands and products, while improving productivity and embedding the principles of corporate responsibility. "
Sam Su, General Manager of Hong Kong & Macau

Who we are

British-American Tobacco Company (Hong Kong) Limited is a part of the British American Tobacco Group.

British American Tobacco's operations were established in Hong Kong in 1903 when the American Cigarette Company Limited was incorporated to serve as British American Tobacco's manufacturing arm in China.

In 1919, British-American Tobacco Company (China) Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong to oversee all British American Tobacco's Chinese operations. The Company was renamed in 1951 as British-American Tobacco Company (Hong Kong) Limited.

Since 1999, the primary activities in Hong Kong have been sales, marketing, and general corporate services. About 50 full-time staff dedicated to the local business and distribution operations are employed at British American Tobacco Hong Kong. In 2010, British American Tobacco Hong Kong had a market share of 24.25%, based on Retail Audit conducted by The Nielson Company (Hong Kong) Limited.

Our brands

Our company is consumer driven. Our goal is to satisfy tobacco consumers’ demands better and more profitably than our competitors. Our approach is to invest efforts and care in understanding tobacco consumers’ preferences, as adult tobacco consumers make informed choices about brands.

Consumer demand varies according to social and economic circumstances, the culture of a society and the maturity of its industry. We do not believe ‘one brand fits all’, but with a diversified portfolio offer a variety of brands to meet key consumer taste preferences in Hong Kong.

Brands available in Hong Kong
  • Dunhill
  • Kent
  • Lucky Strike
  • Pall Mall
  • Capri
  • Capstan
  • Hilton
  • State Express 555
  • Viceroy