bat hong kong - Responsible marketing



Our observance of the law in Hong Kong and our voluntary International Marketing Principles means there are many things we don’t do in marketing.

Top of the list is that we don’t market to the under-age and non-smokers. We have developed approaches that we believe are appropriate for modern marketing of our challenging product, and pursue excellence in everything we do.

We believe that accepting and implementing tighter marketing restrictions for a risky and controversial product is not only the right thing to do, but that it has helped us to bring focus and discipline to the marketing we can do, by removing distractions and enabling us to build our skills in the right marketing fundamentals.

This new way of marketing has brought us back to where brand marketing started – with product information and differentiation offering the adult smoker real choice.

“In Hong Kong, we have built a portfolio of brands relevant to different segments of adult consumers who have already chosen to smoke, and by winning consumers away from competitor brands, we can grow our share,” Sam Su, General Manager of British American Tobacco Hong Kong defines the focus of our marketing strategy.