bat hong kong - Regulation



We support balanced, evidence-based tobacco regulation

Tobacco consumption poses real and serious risks to health, so we agree that the manufacture, distribution, marketing and sale of tobacco products should be regulated in appropriate ways.

We support, and want to help deliver, balanced evidence-based tobacco regulation that can help to measurably reduce the public health impacts of the use of tobacco products, while respecting the choices and rights of adults who choose to use them.

In Hong Kong, we support sensible regulation of the tobacco industry and believe strongly that we should participate and support the government with developments, enactments and compliance with future laws. Broadly speaking, ‘sensible’ means ‘balanced’.

Balanced and workable tobacco regulation needs co-operation between governments and the industry, and we have much experience to offer in helping to block tobacco sales to children, fight illicit trade and set standards for appropriate marketing – as well as supporting jobs and paying valuable taxes.

We believe we should be able, like other interested parties, to contribute to the development of public policies that affect our business and its stakeholders, and we are willing to do so constructively and transparently.