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Youth smoking prevention

We acknowledge the significant responsibilities that go with our business and are working hard to demonstrate we are carrying them out.

Youth smoking prevention

British American Tobacco Hong Kong strongly believes children should not smoke. We view youth smoking as a critical issue in today's society, and we want to help ensure that only informed adults smoke. We are committed to programmes to tackle the issue with a particular focus on access control.

Retail access control programmes focus on restricting the sale of tobacco products to minors at the point of sale. They include proof-of-age schemes and teaching retailers about relevant laws and ways of preventing sales to minors.

We support retail access control programmes together with other tobacco companies and major Hong Kong retailers. They help educate retailers on how to refuse cigarette sales to people under 18. These programmes take place in collaboration with 7-eleven, Circle K, VanGo, ExxonMobil, Caltex Oil, Park'n Shop and the Coalition of Hong Kong Newspaper and Magazines Merchants.

Environment, health and safety

British American Tobacco Hong Kong applies the best international standards in all aspects of its operations which relate to the health and safety both of its employees and non-company personnel on company premises.

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British American Tobacco Hong Kong and its staff have a history of community contribution spanning more than 100 years. We recognise the wider role of companies in the community as corporate citizens, and some of our key business concerns are to conduct business with integrity and transparency and to help make a positive contribution to the Hong Kong community.